Solving the Innovation Paradox - Get a Free Copy of Brand New [Webinar Replay]

July 25, 2011 | Irwin Hipsman
Solving the Innovation Paradox - Get a Free Copy of Brand New [Webinar Replay]

The second in our Summer Series of Webinars featured Michael Maddock of Maddock Douglas, an internationally recognized innovation agency which helps leading companies invent and launch new products.

Mike is the author of Brand New, a book which explores the process companies undergo in achieving the invention and launch of new products, services and business models. To receive your copy, click on the replay and tell us your mailing address on slide 2.

The three key components of Brand New are Finding the Need, Formulating the Idea, and Successfully Communicating. We were most interested in the communication component. Unfortunately, communications is typically at the end of the cycle and companies are tempted to rush through it and go to market or release the content as quickly as they can. But, that can be a huge mistake and negatively impact all of the work that came before it.

Mike also gave us a sneak preview of his new book, Free the Idea Monkey. The premise being that there are two types of people: Idea Monkeys and Ring Leaders. Organizations and projects need both the creative Anything-is-Possible-So-Let’s-Make-it-Happen types, along with the process Is-Everybody-On-Board-and-Let’s-Stay-Focused types.



We hope you enjoy the book. View the on-demand version of this webinar here.

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