Sprucing Up Your Question Slides with a Little Background

Sprucing Up Your Question Slides with a Little Background
July 29, 2011

We first heard this question at one of our Success Tour cities, which inspired this blog post!

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to spruce up your question slides? It is! From adding custom question backgrounds to changing the font color and spacing of the slide’s components, you can do it all in the Media Library. Let’s explore.

Why might you want to change the look of a question slide in the first place?

Custom Question Slide Backgrounds can add impact to your presentations. Use them to customize the way your question slides look in Brainshark: keep the look and feel of your template consistent throughout your presentation; and upgrade the look from your basic company template to something that can even help your viewers while they are answering the questions you ask.

Custom Question Slide Backgrounds can be added for one question slide, or you can make one for every question slide you create. Since you can do this as many times as you need to, you decide when it is appropriate for your presentation.

How do you make a custom Question Slide Background?

Just like anything else in Brainshark, it’s easy! Use PowerPoint to create your unique slide. Then, edit your question slide, upload the new background, select it and Save.

Depending on the custom background design you create, you may need to adjust the question font, text, color, and position on the slide. These text offsets are adjusted on a template-by-template basis in the Media Library.

Want to see some examples? You can use the question background examples we created to get your creative juices flowing and then go and make your own custom question slide backgrounds! We’d love to see what you are using for question backgrounds, too. Submit them to our Ideas Blog.