Awesome Customer Success in the Risk Management Industry

Awesome Customer Success in the Risk Management Industry
June 24, 2011

I am a Communications Manager for a risk management company and I used to struggle with providing training materials to our national network of clinics. My audience is unique in that their technical savvy runs the gamut from having software programming degrees to not knowing how to open an email or copy and paste.

We tried various communication methods including webcast meetings, which proved to be time-restrictive, technically unstable, and inevitably 10% of our network could not attend. We tried one-on-one phone trainings, which proved time-consuming when having to make over 200 individual phone calls. We even hired outside vendors to host online training courses but distributing logins and being charged ‘click fees’ was burdensome and costly. 

Then we found Brainshark and I was lucky enough to be the first in the company to take it for a test drive. After perusing a few tutorials, I uploaded my first presentation and followed the easy onscreen instructions to record audio. I was immediately hooked! The benefits are almost too many to name in one post but I will list the features I love and use most.

  • I can upload content in multiple formats. I used only PowerPoint slides until recently, but this week I updated a presentation with an uploaded video for the first time. This has led to higher adoption of our new software program and fewer calls to our help desk and support teams.

  • I can distribute the links to our online presentations in a simple blast emails and even password-protect a presentation for security of proprietary information.

  • The presentations are fully editable and we no longer have to rely on (or pay) a third party to make edits at their leisure.

  • Users can access the training at their convenience—no more coordinating time zones!

  • There are filterable reports that reveal how much of the presentation was viewed and even the duration the viewer spent on each slide.

  • I can also choose to be emailed any time a user views my presentation.

  • If I have resource material that might add value to the topic, I can add them as attachments that automatically load at the conclusion of the presentation so the user can print them.

  • I even made my boss a birthday card via BrainShark!

In the risk management industry, regulations and technology often changes on a weekly basis. As such, it is imperative that the information, tools and resources that I distribute to our network are timely, efficient, and user-friendly. With Brainshark, I have the ability to create and edit presentations that are appropriate for a wide audience with vast differences in learning styles and technical savvy. Brainshark saves me time and makes my job easier!