Brainshark Helps Improve Communication and Marketing for Multi-national Company

Brainshark Helps Improve Communication and Marketing for Multi-national Company
June 30, 2011

I work for a very large, multi-national company.  We recently went through the process of changing and revising one of our core programs and we needed to communicate all of the changes and new features to our employees.  Previously, we had used a pretty standard PowerPoint presentation, hosted on our company’s intranet, to explain the program.  It basically boiled down to a 22 minute lecture, where the same words that were being spoken were also written on the slides…an occasional picture was thrown in here and there to spice things up.  Shockingly, very few people made it through the entire presentation (and those who did may have only done so because they fell asleep)!  Because of this, there was very little interest in the old program. Most of our employees had no idea what it was, how to use it, or even that it existed as a tool for them. What a waste of time and money!

We realized that in order to really get our employees interested and excited about our new program, we needed to shake things up.  That’s where Brainshark came in.  Using the advice of our Brainshark contact, as well as the Best Practices articles and example presentations, we developed an exciting (and short!) new slide deck, full of animations and graphics instead of text.  We recorded audio that engaged the listener, instead of audio that made them feel as if they were back in the high school classroom. 

Then the real fun began. We began utilizing all the different features that Brainshark offers its clients.  We added FAQs, links, and attachments directly to the presentation.  We set up a tracking feature that allowed us to see the number of people that viewed our presentation, and whether or not they made it through the whole thing. This gave us great insight into where in the presentation people tended to lose interest and stop watching. 

We rolled-out the presentation to all of our employees last month, and the response has been phenomenal!  People are truly interested in the new program, and want to learn more about it.  I think it's safe to say that we have received more questions and comments about this program in one month than we did during the entire three or four years that the other program was being used.

We aren’t stopping there, however.  The more we learn about all of the features that Brainshark offers, the more we want to continue getting our message out.  Our next step will likely be to use Brainshark’s services to translate our presentation into different languages, in order to really engage our international employees.  Providing our foreign counterparts with the same information as our US employees has been a challenge for us in the past, but Brainshark will allow us to not only provide them access to this information, but also to do so in their native language.  Brainshark has been a lifesaver for us, and has really helped improve our ability to communicate with our employees and market our new program.