Customer Story: "I owe my current career to Brainshark"

June 27, 2011 | Rob Ferber
Customer Story: "I owe my current career to Brainshark"

Recently, after being self-employed for 12 years, I found myself more or less unemployed with the collapse of the Real Estate and Housing markets.  It was apparent that I had to fall back on my earlier career as a Sales Representative.  The problem I ran into was that I had been out of the market for too long and my 10 years of successful sales experience in the technology field was rendered irrelevant.  I had three things going against me: 

1. My resume and online applications were getting me nowhere

2. I was competing against younger candidates with more recent experience

3. I had to get in front of decision makers who would hear my story  

After much research, I decided my best bet was to look into growing SaaS organizations.  I stumbled upon Brainshark.  My first inclination was to investigate any opportunities with them but soon learned about another company,  Cloud9 Analytics, of whom Brainshark was a customer.  Cloud9’s product offering seemed more in line with my background.  I decided what better way to get in front of Cloud9 than to use their own customer’s platform to communicate with them.   After learning how easy it was to put together a myBrainshark presentation, I developed a 6 slide presentation and emailed it to Cloud9’s CEO. 

After being able to see that my email had been opened I followed up with Cloud9 and a few days later I received a call from Cloud9’s CEO to learn more about me.  I was given the opportunity to interview with a few more members of Cloud9, and then offered the opportunity to fly out to have a few more face-to-face interviews.  Part of the process was for me to give a presentation on a relevant technology for Cloud9 to better understand my presentation skills.   I chose to present the Brainshark Solution.  During the process, I looked at the CEO and asked him if I had not sent him my original myBrainshark presentation, would I have been considered for the job?  His response: “NO.” 

As I was getting ready to board the plane back to my home town, St. Louis, MO the CEO called me and offered me the position.  I accepted!   I continue to use myBrainshark in my position as a Corporate Account Representative for Cloud9 Analytics and continue to support the idea of Cloud9 becoming a subscription client to Brainshark.  I can truly state that I owe my current career to Brainshark.  Thank You!

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