Human Services Firm Achieves Training Success with Brainshark

Human Services Firm Achieves Training Success with Brainshark
June 13, 2011

Brainshark has saved us a ton of time and as a result, a ton of money!  We are a human services company so there are many, many, many regulatory trainings that we need take each year.  Did I mention there are a lot?!  In the past, these trainings were only available in classroom style trainings, which left us with a lot of challenges.  Staff who worked weekends and overnight shifts weren’t able to make it to their scheduled trainings.  Also, since most of our trainers were also managers, their availability to conduct trainings was often limited.  Sometimes we’d have a class scheduled with participants—but then there would be no trainer available.  Another issue was finding a place to conduct the trainings.  Since a lot of our programs are in homes and small office buildings, finding space for the training class was hard to come by. 

Then in 2008, we started to use the Brainshark program for our annual trainings-- and abracadabra, all our problems were solved!!  Okay, we still face challenges, but the Brainshark e-learning made a world of difference to our company.  Since the trainings are available 24/7 it solved many of our scheduling conflicts.  Now, whether a staff member is on shift at 3 o’clock in the afternoon or 3 o’clock in the morning, he can take the online training and get his recertification up to date!  Our staff appreciates this flexibility since they will be suspended if they have any outstanding trainings. Now it’s as easy as sitting down at the computer at their worksite when they have time during their shift!

That leads me to the next great thing the Brainshark done for us…it’s eliminated the need to travel!  We have over 200 programs, and there isn’t always a trainer or training space available at each site.  So, a lot of staffers had to travel to another site to get trained.  Now they don’t have to go any further than their worksite computer, so the savings on mileage and travel expenses have been tremendous!

The time savings that we’ve had since putting our annual training online have been incredible as well.  The online classes cover all the same content, yet they only take one-third of the time that the old classroom versions used to take!!  We love that these trainings now send a clear and consistent message across the whole company.  Thanks to Brainshark, our compliance stats for the annual trainings have never been higher!!!!