Preparing for Effective Negotiation

Preparing for Effective Negotiation
June 1, 2011

Everyone learns to negotiate to some degree, even from a very early age. Your parents, siblings, teachers, friends, babysitters, and even grandparents all play a role in developing your skills for getting what you want. Of course, this early taste of the art of negotiation becomes the foundation to our future dealings in business and our overall public life. In the learning content presentation below, Mark Jankowski of Shapiro Institute gives us some tips on the first step to getting ready for a negotiation: looking for precedents.  

Mark’s presentation includes the following:

  • Finding a precedent to support your goal

  • Being prepared for your opponent’s counter-offer

  • Some aids for coming to the negotiations table prepared

  • A quiz after a quick case study

We’re hoping Mark has the opportunity to complete the rest of the series, but for now, check out Preparation Techniques for Effective Negotiators: