Using Social Tools for B2B Storytelling & Demand Generation [Webinar Replay]

June 17, 2011 | Gerry Praysman
Using Social Tools for B2B Storytelling & Demand Generation [Webinar Replay]

Earlier this week, the Marketing Cloud hosted a great webinar, Using Social Tools for B2B Storytelling & Demand Generation. The Marketing Cloud, which we are pleased to now be a part of, is a collection of cloud-based marketing services which make internal marketing functions more efficient and external marketing programs more effective. We were glad to have a hand in this particular event, which featured Jay Baer, Social Media Strategist, Elizabeth Sosnow, Managing Director at BlissPR, and Adam Metz, VP of Business Development at Metz Consulting.

The speakers went over their favorite social tools and shared tips on how to create truly effective social plans and interactions. The big draw (at least I would say) is that they gave some insights into the daunting question of social metrics in the B2B world.

View the on-demand version of the webinar here.

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