Constant Contact + Brainshark: 3 Steps to Video Email Campaigns

March 23, 2011 | Jay Wilder
Constant Contact + Brainshark: 3 Steps to Video Email Campaigns

In this post and others forthcoming, I’m going to highlight using Brainshark and myBrainshark together with email campaign management tools.  Today we’re taking a look at sending a Brainshark video presentation in an email campaign through Constant Contact.

Here are some quick stats to consider:

  • Studies indicate that seeing and hearing a message increases retention by as much as 3x and 6x vs. audio or text/images alone (The Weiss-McGrath Report)

  • It was just reported in the Wall Street Journal that Zappos witnessed a 10% increase in sales of products that had an accompanying video on the site

In the following video, you’ll learn the 3 steps to creating video presentation campaigns using Brainshark and Constant Contact:

  1. Get your presentation link and thumbnail image ready*

  2. Add them to your email template

  3. Send and track

*Note:  In step 1, we’ll show you how to use a tracking code and a dynamic Constant Contact merge field to track your video presentation viewers without a guestbook to maximize the reach of your message in Brainshark.

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Questions/comments/experiences?  Please share your thoughts and inquiries below.

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