Greening Your Business Model

Greening Your Business Model
March 31, 2011

Corporations and small businesses can no longer treat sustainability as an afterthought. It’s important to operate a “green” and socially responsible business.  Companies who buy into the “People, Planet, and Profit” motto are being rewarded while others, who don’t, face negative consequences. 

One of Brainshark's Learning ProvidersGreen Education Online has written a course called Company Branding and Positioning 

It will give you  simple and effective guidance to share with your company employees, while all of their courses will help you to involve management in investigating your business practices to help you save money!

Management & team leaders are investigating business practices and trying to answer the following questions:

  • What is the amount of energy we use to produce our product?

  • What is our environmental impact as we conduct our business?

  • How do our business practices affect climate change?

  • How much water do we go through every day?

  • How willing are we to change the environmental risk we take?

If you get it wrong, the financial and reputational costs can be high. Getting it right gives you the opportunity to boost your sales and marketability.  
Tweaking your lease agreements, having a simple internal energy audit, or buying more environmentally friendly office supplies are specific examples of what is included in their courses.  This training will help you to become environmental stewards and in turn, save money.

We are proud to say that Brainshark certainly adheres with this sustainability philosophy and by using our software can make your company “greener”.