How myBrainshark Helped Reshape my Business

How myBrainshark Helped Reshape my Business
March 11, 2011

I started Honest Discounts in the summer of 2010 and we’ve been growing ever since with back-to-back record-breaking months. One aspect of the business that I always valued, but never really had the infrastructure to launch was our internship program. I’ve always had a special admiration for young talent and have been actively seeking ways to make it a bigger part of my business. My number one priority is to provide some value to these kids because I know how hungry they are. After all, lots of people out there already take full advantage of interns but I’m committed to making their experience with Honest Discounts memorable and valuable (and not just because they can make good money off of their commissions).

When I was introduced to myBrainshark shortly into the summer, I saw how I could actually sit down and build a realistic program. I can now easily communicate with interns all over the New England area, which is where I plan to start, but now have the ability to expand nationally. We’re in the healthcare industry so there’s an incredible amount of training involved! I can easily do it with myBrainshark and see exactly how far along everyone is. Seeing as these are essentially sales internships, the quicker I can get content out to them, the faster and better they can hustle and distribute. The less money these kids hemorrhage on travelling to see me as well as pretty much any cost associated with training is now minimal to nothing for us. It’s a scalable solution, and that’s the name of the game.

Thanks to myBrainshark and myBrainshark alone, I was able to take a one-dimensional program and turn it into a meaningful immersion into sales, distribution, communications, and marketing. After all, the interns will all learn how to use the tool to communicate with myself as well as potential clients. There’s no doubt they’ll take the product with them pretty much wherever they end up working next to help with their responsibilities. Cost-efficiency, the ability to enhance sales, and provide both internal and external value has a funny way of getting me going, even more than my morning coffee.

Chris Jacobs is Co-Founder and Chief Card Giver at Honest Discounts, which distributes a free card that saves 10 – 75% of any FDA approved prescription medication. Chris was named BusinessWeek’s Top Young Entrepreneur under 25 in 2009. He runs his company out of Framingham, MA.