Large International Computing Company Plugs Into a New Way to Train

Large International Computing Company Plugs Into a New Way to Train
March 1, 2011

The training and education team at a large, international, well-respected computing organization trades traditional video for on-demand video presentations and adopts a cost- and time-saving innovation.

What We Needed

One of the really important needs that we have when it comes to training our employees is training effectively in the shortest amount of time. We were looking for self-paced and visually appealing modules with detailed reporting levels, and the ability to make changes and updates quickly and on the fly. This is hugely valuable to a company like ours.

We've done this is a variety of ways and evolved our approach over time, taking advantage of the web and Flash. But the set of tools we have created generated problems with storage and bandwidth.

Making it Simple

All the issues we had were solved with Brainshark.  It's got a user-friendly database of training to get my team up to speed on the tool quickly. It has the ability to integrate any multimedia element. The easy distribution wows us every time and doing it all in minutes rather than hours! For us, it was the right time and the right place for a tool like that.

We were able to leverage our portal on SharePoint and our LMS, which we needed for authentication. Our instructional designers were able to get up to speed and all get certified as authors quickly. By the time the Brainshark portal was created, they were ready to start making online presentations.

We use it mostly to train our sales team, but ultimately we’d like to use it to market to customers too. Our sales force tends to require quick-response training. Brainshark fulfills that need and adapts well to their lifestyle.

Value Realized

We’re saving a lot of time and money with Brainshark. We base most of our training on simulated customer scenarios. Typically we would have a day of filming with actors performing various sales scenarios. We would then embed the videos in our blogs or have an online discussion about them. That cost us thousands of dollars. Plus, we had to review these gigantic files, which was time consuming for the download alone. It was a multi-week process.

Right out of the box, we started creating the same concept in Brainshark. We had the same deliverable in a week, reducing our time invested by 5. It cost us very little compared to the tens of thousands we were spending on video and a team of outside developers. The difference was huge and immediate.

The truth is anyone can use big software to create content, if you’re good at it. Most of us are flying on autopilot with those things, if we’re lucky enough to have a license. How long would it take to learn the software at an expert level? You could hire someone. But you have to host the content yourself anyway. It becomes a storage burden to host all those files. Compare that process to Brainshark and the support team there.  It all adds up to tremendous savings in time and money.

Plan Ahead

My biggest advice for anyone embarking on Brainshark is that it’s really about content. The thing is that Brainshark makes creating easy, reporting easy, but if you’re just bringing in standard wordy presentations, it’s still going to be a standard wordy presentation. Think of it as a little movie. It can look and feel a lot like a little movie if you think about it in advance. And shorter is always better. As Mark Twain said, “If I had more time, I’d make it shorter.”