Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

March 08, 2011 | Terry Coleman
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Since Sexual Harassment training is mandated by law in California, some New England states and recently in Ontario, it is vital that companies find an effective way to provide this training to all managers and staff. Brainshark is the perfect, time efficient and cost effective way to accomplish this; both “Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers” and “Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees”  are offered in the Brainshark format. These pre-built courses not only satisfy legal requirements, but they also reduce liability risks and can help boost workplace productivity.


Another very powerful benefit that companies gain by providing this training is a commitment to a positive, inclusive organizational environment.  How valuable is this commitment?

In the often challenging business climate we now have, maximum energy and productivity from existing staff is a necessity and a powerful competitive advantage.

 This type of training affects:

  •  Recruiting -  positive attracts positive, and the profound shift in culture we lead when all staff feel (and are) respected—well, this brings the very best talent to the table.

  •  Retention - no lost energy on ancillary discomforts—when all staff feel and are empowered, none of us wants to give up that great environment!

  •  Productivity - when staff is able to focus on the mission of the company with no unwanted distractions.

When a diverse workforce is well trained in the area of sexual harassment prevention, we are able to focus on our work in a positive, inclusive way—creativity can blossom. Another powerful competitive advantage!

We see the benefits when even those companies who are not required by statute to provide sexual harassment training decide to offer it for both their managers and staff. Hopefully, as a Brainshark customer you will seriously consider the value to your organization of this very cost effective and efficient way of training and arming all your team members to deliver their very best.

Terry Coleman, Vice President at Manager Mechanics, has been developing well-trained, cohesive and creative staffs for maximum productivity for over twenty years. She can reached at

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