The Golden Rules of Twitter in Business

The Golden Rules of Twitter in Business
March 16, 2011

Once each quarter I travel to a U.S. city and deliver a two-day workshop to corporate marketers on Facebook and Twitter Marketing. By now, most businesses have at least some insight into how Facebook can be used for marketing. But, Twitter remains a mystery to many businesses.

 Twitter is very unique starting with its 140 character per tweet limitation. Once a business understands how Twitter can fit strategically into its content strategy, light bulbs start going on. Twitter is a communication channel. It is real-time. It can help build awareness, brand identity, and even drive sales. Each business should approach Twitter as an opportunity to engage.

 The two most compelling aspects of Twitter that businesses need to embrace are:

1)    Be interesting

2)    Be human

 The be interesting part is all about sharing content that will interest your followers. The be human part is all about engaging with others in simple and genuine speak, not corporate speak.

 Twitter can also be a sales tool. While I’m not a fan of blatant selling on Twitter, for some businesses with a product known to its customers, offering coupons or specials through Twitter can be very effective. Dell Outlet  is a well known example.

 Twitter can also be an excellent channel for customer service. Some airlines, retailers and technology companies have set the standard by having employees tweet real-time responses to customers reporting questions or problems.

 How do you get Twitter followers? Start out by searching out people on Twitter using relevant keywords. Tools like Twellow, WeFollow and allow you to find people of interest to follow. You should also follow people of interest to you to build your Twitter following.

 Business development professionals, consultants and small business owners should be active on Twitter to follow breaking news, interesting people, and competitive insights as well as for relationship building. LinkedIn has established an alliance with Twitter. When you post status updates in LinkedIn, they can also appear on your Twitter feed. Your LinkedIn network’s tweets are displayed in a stream on your LinkedIn home page.

 For successful Twitter marketing, just remember the Twitter golden rules: be interesting and be human.

 I’ve re-purposed my all-day live Twitter workshop into a three-part myBrainshark presentation. Part one is below. Learn how to Gain Competitive Edge Using Twitter. It may be the best $1 you spend all day.

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