Turn Thank You Slides into "Calls to Action" with Hyperlinks

Turn Thank You Slides into "Calls to Action" with Hyperlinks
March 16, 2011

As a rule of thumb, most myBrainshark video presentations you create will have a "thank you" slide at the conclusion.  This is especially true of marketing, sales, or other outreach communications.  Why not turn your thank you slide into a "call to action"?  There's an easy way to connect your presentation to other pieces of related content and provide your audience with an intuitive means to interact with you, the presenter.  In this post, we’ll look at using live hyperlinks to transform your thank you slide into a call to action slide.

Let's start with an example - View this 1-minute presentation :

As covered in video above, here are 4 common destinations for your call to action links:

  1. A link to another myBrainshark presentation

  2. A link to your website or blog

  3. A link to a social media profile (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn)

  4. A link to an email addressed to you with a pre-filled subject line

How To: Adding hyperlinks to PowerPoint slides…

Adding hyperlinks to your PowerPoint slides is easy. This 1-minute presentation shows how to add a hyperlink to 1) a web page and 2) an email address:

How To: Making sure your hyperlinks are "live" for your myBrainshark viewers

Ensuring that your hyperlinks are clickable in myBrainshark is easy as well.  Hyperlinks work on slides with no animations, on-click animations, and timed animations. View examples of each here.

Note:  If your hyperlink has an on-click animation that is not triggered in myBrainshark, it will not be active for your viewers. So make sure you click any "on-click" animations while recording your audio or type in their timing under “edit slide.”

Your Call to Action:

Start adding hyperlinks to turn your thank you slides into call to action slides.  Make it easy for your audience to opt-in to a deeper experience with you and your content.  Start by viewing your existing presentations and asking:

  1. Do I currently have links on my “Thank You” slide that viewers can’t click?

  2. Are there links on other slides in my presentation that viewers can’t click?

  3. Are there opportunities to add links to my thank you slide or other slides?

You may find yourself answering “yes” to one or more of these questions.  If none of these apply, consider the ideas presented in the “Call to Action” video.  You may find that you want to make some updates to existing presentations.  Doing so is easy - just use the “replace slides” feature under “Things you can do.” 


Above: Replace slides feature 

Have a question?  Maybe you’ve already mastered the call to action slide and can share some tips of your own.   Maybe you’ve used a call to action link to “Rick-Roll” your unsuspecting viewers!  (Scratching your head? …click here) Either way, use the comments section below to add your calls to action for us and and the myBrainshark community.