Brainshark Welcomes Pixetell Users

May 16, 2011 | Andy Zimmerman
Brainshark Welcomes Pixetell Users

Pixetell provides software used to produce and share screen recordings/videos.  Unfortunately, they announced on May 2nd that they’ll be shutting down their service as of the end of the month.  The Pixetell home page currently has a message informing visitors of the news and providing guidance on the continued use of their software.  It also recommends using myBrainshark as an alternative service for hosting and sharing of videos with a special offer to paying Pixetell users.  We are excited to welcome Pixetell users to our service!  More info for current Pixetell users, including FAQ’s about the transition, can be found here.

Although Brainshark is not acquiring Pixetell, Inc., Brainshark will soon be offering screen capture and webcam recording features within our products.  Further details will be forthcoming, but suffice it to say Brainshark is committed to continuous investment in product improvement and meeting the needs of our customers.  And in the short-term, users who had been using Pixetell’s service to host their Pixetell screencast videos can start using the free myBrainshark site right away as a great alternative.  They can even take advantage of the many other free features of the myBrainshark solution such as adding slides, documents, surveys, poll questions, and more.  Brainshark also offers premium solutions with additional functionality:

  • With myBrainshark Pro – starting at $9.99 per presentation per month – users can optionally add features such as privacy controls, removal of site branding, guestbook registration forms, and viewer tracking and alerts.   

  • myBrainshark Pro Trainer – starting at $19.99 per presentation per month – adds additional formal eLearning features such as testing and scoring, certificates of completion and Learning Management System (LMS) integration.

  • And Brainshark Presentations™, our core enterprise solution, provides advanced capabilities to meet the needs of multi-user organizations of any size.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve the Pixetell community and continue to advance their mission of providing solutions for more effective visual communications.

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