Convergence: Mobile^* Social^* Video

Convergence: Mobile^* Social^* Video
May 18, 2011

Our myBrainshark Director of Product Marketing, Jay Wilder, has been a busy man as of late. After crushing a Hubspot webinar last week on video marketing, Jay called into Madison, Wisconsin this morning to deliver another slam dunk presentation on the convergence of mobile, social media, and video. Below is the on-demand version in Brainshark, so I highly recommend utilizing the “Table of Contents” feature in the bottom, left-hand corner to skip right to the good stuff. The presentation includes a lot of great research on these three increasingly popular channels as well as a handful of great tips on how to properly use each channel for your respective needs. Here are a just few things you can look forward to learning about:

  • The recent growth of video, mobile, and social media – Did you know that by 2014, Morgan Stanley expects more people to access the internet through their mobile device than their laptop or PC?


  • Considerations regarding the use of video – Do you often think about how to balance your video production value with production speed? Does your content need to be controlled or can it be democratized?


  • Video strategies in your website, email, social media, and mobile channels – video can greatly assist in your outbound strategy as well as your inbound.

We’d like to extend a big shout-out to our friends at the Social Media Breakfast in Madison who put the event together and gave us opportunity to present.

Do you have any tips on video you’d like to add? Leave us a comment after you enjoy the presentation.