Exciting Updates to myBrainshark.com

Exciting Updates to myBrainshark.com
May 2, 2011

You may have noticed some changes over the weekend to the myBrainshark.com site.  I’ll take a moment to explain what’s new . 

Coinciding with the newly launched Brainshark.com website, is a new myBrainshark.com home page which looks like this:

On it you will find information about myBrainshark including our “create, share, and track” approach to online and mobile video presentations, customer examples, news and information, great uses, featured partners, and our latest activity on Twitter...as well as an updated site map in the footer that is more integrated with the main Brainshark.com site.   From the new myBrainshark home page you’ll still be able to login to your account, sign up for an account if you’re not already a user, and learn more about the myBrainshark Pro Series offerings.  Be sure to view the selected customer examples to get ideas for your own presentations.  Beneath customer examples, you’ll find a link to “Browse Catalog.”  Clicking on this link will bring you to the catalog of all public myBrainshark presentations, starting with “Learning Content.”  If you wish to go straight to this page in the future, just bookmark: http://my.brainshark.com/home.


Learning Content is comprised of presentations containing business-oriented expertise, available for sale or for free from members of our qualified Learning Providers program.  I invite you to explore this valuable content as much of it is free of charge and pertinent to topics such as marketing and sales effectiveness, social media strategy, mobile, compliance, leadership, eLearning and more.  If you would like to learn more about becoming a Learning Provider yourself, so your business oriented eLearning content can be featured and promoted by Brainshark, you can do so here.

Next to Learning Content you’ll notice a tab for “All Content.”  Clicking on this will expose all public presentations on the myBrainshark.com site which, of course, are still predominantly business-oriented but includes all public presentations on the site.   

Similar to the Browse Catalog view you’ll find your “logged in” view to the myBrainshark.com site.  Log in and you’ll notice this page will be familiar to you.   Over the next couple months we’ll be updating the content on the right hand side with short cuts to news and events, the blog, contests, featured presentations and generally provide a more dynamic selection of helpful information. We’ll also soon be rolling out new and improved Help and Training content for both Pro Series and Free users.

From the link at the top of all myBrainshark site pages and from the new footer, you’ll find a link to the new and improved Blog!  Now integrated with the overall Brainshark Blog (dubbed the “Ideas Blog”), myBrainshark users will have access to even more useful articles to help inspire ideas for using the solution.  You can view articles tagged “myBrainshark” for the most pertinent articles for myBrainshark users, or expand your browsing across any tag or category including both Brainshark produced content as well as customer-submitted articles which includes success stories, examples, and product suggestions.  Visit here frequently for new ideas on how to leverage video presentations across your business – and of course, we invite you to submit your own story, example or idea.

Our aim is to optimize the experience for both new visitors and current users.  Behind the scenes we are applying new technology to the site that will allow us to more easily rotate the site’s supporting content with the goal of making it easier for you to learn, interact, and stay informed about what’s new in myBrainshark and the video landscape in general.  So, the changes today are just a first step toward providing a more engaging and interactive community going forward. 

Let us know your thoughts about the new changes and share your ideas for what you’d like to see added to the site in the future.