New QR code feature overview & 9 resources to get QR-inspired!

New QR code feature overview & 9 resources to get QR-inspired!
May 10, 2011

As part of our “Create once, share anywhere” strategy, the recent April 30th product release introduced a powerful new mobile feature: all Brainshark online video presentations now have a corresponding QR code available within the app.

As you’ve probably noticed this year, mobile is an important focus area for Brainshark in terms of product development.  The growth of smartphones (+50% this year according to IDG - WSJ) is pushing the growth of video into new mobile territory, raising questions like:

  • What are the new “just-in-time“ mobile video uses for marketing, sales, training, and support?

  • What are the new means of sharing video content with mobile users?

The answer to both questions should include a discussion of QR codes.  QR codes enable you to connect the offline and online worlds through a mobile device the moment an audience is ready to engage.  If you’re scratching your head and asking what a QR code is, the following points should help (you can read a more in depth QR code primer here).

  • QR ("quick response") Code or Tag is a square 2D barcode that you can scan with your smartphone’s camera with the help of a QR Code app to immediately launch a link or URL on the mobile phone’s web browser. 

  • QR codes can bring viewers to a video, a mobile app, a Twitter follow page, a Facebook “Like” page, etc.

  • QR Codes can be printed and/or displayed anywhere a mobile phone user might scan the code for marketing, sales, training, or support purposes for example

Where to find QR Codes in your Brainshark account

Each Brainshark video presentation now gives you access to its unique QR code.  MyBrainshark and Brainshark users can access it from within the “Edit Presentation” screen:


Additionally, myBrainshark users can access it from the “embed” link beneath a video presentation’s landing page: 

Clicking on either embed link will give you the option to select the “QR code” tab with a low-res and hi-res QR code options. 

You can right click on the image you see and save it or click on the high-res option and do the same once it opens in a new window.

Now that you have easy access to QR codes for your video presentations, the next question is where will you put them and what elements of your strategy will they enable.

9 Resources to assist your QR mobile strategy

Looking for some inspiration and ideas?  Here’s some resources to check out:

Need a QR reader? 

Here’s a selection of free readers from Marc Saltzman on SyncBlog:  “Barcode Scanner for Android, QR Reader for iPhone, QR Code Scanner Pro for BlackBerry and BeeTagg for Windows Phone 7 and Nokia smartphones.  There’s also Google Googles, ShopSavvy and QuickMark QR Code Reader.” 

Let us know if you’ve tried the new QR feature in Brainshark.  What’s your strategy?  Following QR in the news?  What’s caught your attention?