Presentation Innovation Saved Us $1MM per year

Presentation Innovation Saved Us $1MM per year
May 10, 2011

We are a $1.7B a learning solutions and text book provider and we have enjoyed tremendous growth over the years.  Like most organizations, we recently took a close look at our internal expenses and found an opportunity for significant savings in our product training program.   Our company hosts product training for the sales team twice a year, with marketing managers presenting product updates.

Without a doubt, centralized training demands significant resources.  Twice a year the training team devotes 45 days to prepare the content and we sponsor the flights, hotels and meals for 1,200 attendees.  All in, the total cost reached a whopping $5MM for our 2 five-day training sessions each year.

All that changed when we turned to Brainshark in 2008. 

The results of using Brainshark for sales training exceeded our expectations.  Marketing Managers easily created 250 presentations—over 45 hours of content—in less time than before. Upper management approval of the content was a snap with Brainshark, and we then posted it on the online portal.  This allowed us to control the flow of information and show designated content to specific users.   

The 5 days of lost productivity is a thing of the past since all the reps stayed in the field during the 2 week training period.  On-demand video allowed everyone to watch the training on their own time and to loop back and view it again for a refresher. We achieved an unparalleled 100% compliance.  Marketing managers could find out how much people retained from the training by embedding questions in the presentation and even get feedback from viewers. 

With a modest investment in Brainshark, we have gained significant savings, created a higher impact training course and reduced the manpower needed to administer the training. We’ve been very happy with our decision to use Brainshark.