Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children

Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children
May 19, 2011

Spence-Chapin uses Brainshark presentations to attract and educate different constituencies about our programs and services.  Specific presentations are described below.           

International Adoption Programs

When prospective adoptive parents visit our website, they can view Brainshark presentations for a number of our international adoption programs:  Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Korea, and Moldova.  Each presentation is approximately five minutes in length and the content covers information about the adoption program, e.g. facts about the country, history of the program, description of children needing families, travel requirements.  These presentations provide a brief introduction to the process of adoption internationally and help to engage prospective adoptive parents.  Our adoption program in Korea is our oldest and largest, and since the Brainshark presentation was created in March, 2009, there have been 1561 viewings.  For our other adoption programs with Brainshark presentations, two have total viewings of close to 1000 while the other two have had more than 500 viewings. If you would like to watch one of our Brainshark presentations on our International Adoption Programs, please select one of the countries listed on this page of our website: 

Domestic Adoption Programs

For Domestic Adoption, we have a Brainshark presentation for our African- American Adoption Program.  Since being created in May, 2009, there have been 1,880 viewings of the presentation.  This presentation focuses on the history of the program as well as adoption today. Spence-Chapin’s A Special Adoption Program (ASAP) matches babies with medical conditions or at risk for future developmental challenges with adoptive families who may live anywhere in the United States.   To broaden the scope of our outreach for one particular baby with serious special needs, we created a presentation to inform families about her health needs and prognosis.  This presentation was viewed over 3,000 times and through which we were able to identify a family for the baby. Without the Brainshark presentation, the baby would have waited longer to be placed with her forever family.

Outreach and Advocacy

We are currently in the process of using Brainshark to develop a live training webinar for our outreach contacts which include hospitals, community based organizations, and clinics.  The training, “The Adoption Option: Information, Tools, and Resources for Professionals,” educates participants about the history of adoption, different types of adoption, communication techniques for families considering adoption, and adoption resources.  Through this webinar, we hope to give participants the knowledge and skills to ensure that adoption is an option that is offered to their clients.