3 Effective Presentation Apps to Add to Your Toolkit

3 Effective Presentation Apps to Add to Your Toolkit
November 9, 2011

At Brainshark, we are abuzz about the success of the SlideShark iPad App. As part of our on-going research, we come across three complementary applications that you may want to use in you presentation toolkit.

Presenter Pro by RexiMedia

Brainshark’s Presentation Revolution keynote presenter, Carmen Taran is the co-founder of RexiMedia, a San Francisco presentation skills and sales training firm. Presentation Pro is a great way to keep Carmen’s concepts of harmony, simplicity, texture, authenticity and surprise in mind when choosing presentation visuals. Released in June 2011, the App is broken into 3 sections (Message, Visuals, and Presenters) and could be compared to an ebook of tips to making great presentations; whether in-person, live or, on demand. Presenter Pro is rich in graphics and about 25% of the content is free and $2.99 for the entire App.

Infographics by Column Five Media  

Earlier this year, we wrote about a visual methodology for presenting complicated concepts and charts: the Infographic. Column Five, a Los Angeles based agency has created a library of Infographics for the iPhone and iPad. The examples they show will get you thinking and the App is free. It was first released in July and is updated with new graphics every week. Think of it like a wine of the month club, that you would visit every so often for some tasty visuals.

Reel by Zurb  

Although it is not an App for the iPad it is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Zurb is a Silicon Valley team of interaction designers and strategists that help companies design better web-based interactions. They offer a suite of about 8 related apps. With Reel (which is free), you can share PPT presentations, but much more interesting is the ability to let your colleagues or audience have a thumbs up, thumbs down vote on each slide. The first iteration of voting is somewhat limiting, but they are onto something by offering creation collaboration in PPT. Many of us make slides in a vacuum and then get so enamored with our work, that it can be hard to see the forest through the trees. Being able to get feedback on concepts and options would speed up the development cycle and improve the overall quality of presentations.

We will keep out eye out for other useful applications which are or will be available on our resources page.