Brainshark and Adobe Mobile Flash - It's Business As Usual

November 22, 2011 | Andy Zimmerman
Brainshark and Adobe Mobile Flash - It's Business As Usual

Recently, Adobe made an official announcement that it has suspended any further development of its Flash technology for use in mobile device browsers.  The latest version of the Flash Player v. 11.1 for use in mobile browsers, which plays on Android devices and the BlackBerry PlayBook, will be the final version released and supported by Adobe. They stated this decision was made based on the fact that the leading competing alternative technology, HTML5, “is now universally supported on major mobile devices, in some cases exclusively.”

So, what does this mean for Brainshark and Brainshark customers? Well, not much, actually. Brainshark leverages Flash technology to provide an optimal experience for viewers on desktop computers, but we utilize HTML5, MP4, and other technologies for optimal playback on mobile devices.  While we did announce support for mobile Flash on Android devices earlier this year, we observed – just like Adobe – that it didn’t take off, so we produced better alternatives for Android users including HTML5 landing pages with streaming video playback and a native Android app for a highly interactive video viewing experience. Keep in mind, however, that Brainshark – like Adobe – will continue to invest in and support Flash on the desktop, which remains the industry standard for interactive video on laptop and desktop computers.

Brainshark has consistently maintained a development philosophy that we have every intention to keep…which is “Create Once, Deliver Anywhere.”  Every Brainshark presentation created is converted and stored in multiple formats behind the scenes. This is what allows the same Brainshark link to work no matter what the device.  Unlike other video and eLearning solution providers which are dependent on a particular format such as Flash and had been hoping mobile Flash would satisfy their mobile strategy, Brainshark  will continue to stay on top of and utilize the most effective technologies to ensure we remain device agnostic.

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