Getting 46% Click-Throughs on Your Follow-Ups with a Prize-in-the-Cereal-Box Approach

Getting 46% Click-Throughs on Your Follow-Ups with a Prize-in-the-Cereal-Box Approach
November 27, 2011

Sometimes, marketing results surprise you. We’ve discovered one approach that works particularly well in using Brainshark presentations to follow-up with those people that visit with us at trade show events throughout the year.  

Depending on the dynamics of any show, the opportunities for a booth visitor to learn a lot about you can vary greatly – in some cases, you may have the ability to have meaningful conversations, in others you may be struggling to talk over the din of a large expo floor. Either way, your follow-up emails are the perfect opportunity to continue to nurture your show leads.  

See this example of a post-show video presentation we sent to those who visited us at this Fall’s Dreamforce event. It includes a core message, personally introduced by Brainshark CMO Andy Zimmerman who attended the event. At the end, the secret sauce that drives click through rates: revealing the winner of our iPad giveaways that we had at the booth. We’ve found that by indicating in our email that visitors can click to see who won, clicks go up dramatically.  

As one would expect, a large portion of viewers, 91%, viewed the particular portion of this presentation where the iPad winner was revealed.  But what is great is that on average, viewers watched 60% of this 3-minute presentation, and 40% watched the entire presentation from beginning to end.

View presentation in a separate window.

The audience that this was sent to – Dreamforce attendees - is comprised of sophisticated professionals who are great gathers of knowledge and best practices, so we expected that our content would appeal for that reason…but we’ve done plenty of post-show emails that don’t mention the winners of our drawing, and the difference in viewing behavior is significant. Apparently, almost everyone likes to win something.

This “prize-in-the-cereal-box” approach can be applied to other types of communications – getting your employees to view an internal message, motivating your audience to take a training class, and more. The prize doesn’t have to be expensive, or even be a material item – lets us know what you’ve seen work with your audience!