How myBrainshark Gives Me Access to Key Customers

How myBrainshark Gives Me Access to Key Customers
November 3, 2011

As an author, consultant and speaker, I generate video content that my customers use to further the learning from my books and workshops. I started putting these videos on YouTube, which makes them accessible to a wide range of viewers. I discovered, through comments from people who wanted to watch the videos, that many corporate and government organizations block access to YouTube at work. This is where myBrainshark gives me an advantage. Since Brainshark is a corporately accepted site, the organizations that block YouTube don’t block Brainshark sites like myBrainshark. These organizations know that myBrainshark hosts valuable content, so they allow their employees to access my videos on myBrainshark. A number of these organizations are Brainshark customers as well, so they can load my Learning Content into their own Brainshark sites, making the videos even easier for their employees to use.

In addition to being able to access the important corporate and government markets, I benefit in a number of ways from having a myBrainshark site. First, I gain credibility when I mention to a prospective client that my videos are available on Brainshark. If the client already uses Brainshark in-house, I am immediately seen as a valued contributor since my content is available on a service they have approved. Second, I can upload content that goes deeper into important topics. Many of the other video hosting sites restrict the length of the content, but myBrainshark allows me to have content that is deeper and more valuable to my viewers. Finally, myBrainshark gives me detailed statistics that tell me about the viewers and how they watch the videos.

As a small business who targets large corporate and government organizations, myBrainshark is a great, free presentation software service that gives me an advantage in the marketplace.

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