Save Time: Establish a Buying Process

Save Time: Establish a Buying Process
November 30, 2011

Everybody keeps saying that selling in our current economic conditions is difficult, and I would have to agree. "Lack of budget", "too busy", "maybe later", "need more time, call me next quarter", and "can’t spend right now", are all things that we hear as sales people.

Every good sales organization has an established sales process, but it is becoming harder and harder to keep prospects on a specific track. Sales success is achieved when you can match up your selling process, with the clients buying process. The typical sales process has changed dramatically, with more and more people doing the research on their own, before they even pick up the phone.

This brings me to my latest observation: most buyers today do not have a buying process to guide them through the evaluation and purchase of a business application.

Here are a few things that I would suggest they do.

  1. Clearly define your requirements and get a consensus from all the stakeholders.

  2. Establish a timeframe and secure a budget.

  3. Do the research online, there is more content available than ever before.

  4. Identify a short list of potential vendors.

  5. Outline the process you will use to make this purchase.

  6. Stick to your buying process.

Sales people use a sales process to help manage their time and to work efficiently. Buyers need to do the same. By clearly defining their goals, and establishing a buying process, they will save themselves a huge amount of time.

After all, this is the buying season and we all need to save as much time as possible.

Happy buying!

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