SlideShark: Upload Files Directly From Your iPad

November 21, 2011 | David Klein
SlideShark: Upload Files Directly From Your iPad

(UPDATE: Guess what -- we've added more stuff! Visit our SlideShark topic page for details on the latest SlideShark features and releases.)

We just released a new version of SlideShark (v.1.2) with a key feature that many users have been asking for.  In addition to uploading slides to your SlideShark account from your computer, you can now push PowerPoint files directly from your iPad.  Use SlideShark to view and present presentations emailed to you as attachments; files typically accessed from cloud storage services (e.g. Dropbox,; or decks located in file management Apps (e.g. GoodReader).  Simply use the Open In feature located in each one of these apps and select SlideShark.  This will upload the file to your online account and convert it for iPad use.  You can then download it to your iPad and view or present it locally with the SlideShark app – no internet connection required.

Here are a few screenshots that show these cases:

Email Attachment: tap and hold (“long press”) the attachment icon to select Open in “SlideShark”

Cloud Storage Services: Access your cloud storage service, like Dropbox, by tapping the rectangle+arrow button in the upper right and selecting Open In “SlideShark”. 

File Management Apps: There is similar functionality in file management apps like GoodReader. In this case, the rectangle+arrow button is located in the bottom tool bar.


So download and enjoy the latest version of SlideShark (v.1.2.)

In addition to this great new feature, we’ve changed the starting account storage to 50MB.  This will give you greater flexibility to upload more and larger presentations.

Thank you to all who have already submitted some great reviews and posted amazing blogs!  And thank you to the press for making SlideShark so popular.

If SlideShark helps you today, please send some love with an AppStore review

If you have questions or ideas for future features, tap Give Feedback in the app or email us:

And if you experience technical issues, tap Contact Support in the app or email

Enjoy!  We’ll continue to develop more!

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