The Professional Pricing Society Uses Brainshark to Increase Attendance and Train

The Professional Pricing Society Uses Brainshark to Increase Attendance and Train
November 10, 2011

The Professional Pricing Society (PPS) has hosted pricing education workshops and conferences for 25 years. Our marketing has been through all the modern eras of printed materials, CDs to USBs, e-mails, etc. One very important marketing piece is a full 28-32 page program printed in high quality stock. Before the recession, that was plenty to attract hundreds of pricing professionals to our events. But things change! I selected Brainshark about two years ago and immediately saw the huge potential to bring those inert pieces of paper into life!

With Brainshark, I now have the chance to create promotional videos, I can ask every speaker from anywhere in the world to record a 60-second introduction about their workshop or keynote speech. I use the QR codes provided and insert them next to the speaker’s Bio or abstract in my printed materials. You would not believe the response we’ve had – we have recovered from pre-recession levels and almost matched our largest conferences ever. Our European conferences are growing and we simply look good and contemporary! We have an outstanding 35% of first-ever attendees and most of them are younger pricing and marketing professionals.

The addition of the Brainshark promos into the printed materials has not only helped us with increased attendance to our events, it has also allowed me to save significant time during the 3-month marketing campaign for each event. Having the promos recorded allows me to include those into my e-mail campaigns and website, YouTube Channel, and all of our Social Media outlets. This is one recent Brainshark promo recorded for our upcoming conference in Barcelona, Spain:

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If you think about our business, we sell live pricing content, so for a potential registrant, being able to hear the speaker tell you with his/her own voice some more insights about the session is a very valuable thing! I not only leverage Brainshark for my marketing campaigns, I also moved my entire Learning Management System into Brainshark and now we offer all of our Online Pricing Training, Testing and Surveys via Brainshark. Other Brainsharks include tutorials on how to maximize bundles and special offers (some of them are complicated). I have also produced tutorials on how to use Brainshark and how Speakers can properly submit their Abstracts and Bios to us. All and all, it was quite a good decision to move over to Brainshark, we’re fans for sure!