Bostonian Group Communicates Their Benefit Platforms with Brainshark

Bostonian Group Communicates Their Benefit Platforms with Brainshark
October 14, 2011

My company, Bostonian Group, added Brainshark to our toolbox late last year.  Like lots of other shiny new toys that are dusted off and introduced to our company, many that never gain traction or deliver what is promised, Brainshark was met with a healthy dose of skepticism (Ex: Seems like a lot of work; I don’t want to use MY voice, yadda, yadda, yadda). And so our new present sat in its box like an ill-conceived “fitness” product or a new fangled vacuum purchased in the wee hours while watching a televised infomercial.

Fortunately, we had the Brainshark team leaning on us to get trained in using our new asset, so we started to become more and more comfortable with the technology. We started to imagine scenarios that would benefit our customers and we started talking to them about those solutions. And suddenly a funny thing happened on the way to the market, our clients not only liked the Brainshark idea but they WANTED it!

Brainshark presentations allowed our customers to communicate their benefit platforms to their employees in a unique and customized fashion. Some of our innovative and creative clients used key executives to voice the presentations allowing for the presentations to take on the look, feel, and fabric of the organization.  Further, one of the best facets of our presentations was that they could be shared with spouses and significant others so that “nothing was lost in translation” as it relates to changes that may have occurred in each firm’s employee benefit platform.  Clients with multiple locations now had a simple method to create and share information.

The bottom line is that our new tool – Brainshark – proved to be a tremendous asset throughout the course of the year.  The more we use it, the more ways we find to make it a more valuable part of our service delivery model.  As someone whose responsibility it is to sell our services to new and existing clients, I find this tool a game changer!  It turns the burden of communicating to employees into a welcome opportunity.  The presentations are easily created and modified to meet differing subject matters.  I can't imagine life without it!

I only hope that Santa has something half as good in my stocking this year!