Brainshark Functionality Brings an Increase to GMAC Insurance's Numbers

Brainshark Functionality Brings an Increase to GMAC Insurance's Numbers
October 26, 2011

My company uses Brainshark all the time as an educational, how-to, and marketing platform. Recently, we created a marketing campaign that integrated email, a Brainshark presentation, and a webinar series directed at independent insurance agents and brokers who write our business. The emails drove recipients to watch the Brainshark presentation (we said, “Click here to watch a video!”) that offered educational info related to a particular aspect of the industry that many agents and brokers may not have been familiar with. We integrated a “secret word” aspect and told people to email us this secret word as soon as they learned what it was. We were able to capture email addresses from prospects that showed interest. It was also a way to help gauge effectiveness of the campaign.

Once a prospect got to the end of the presentation, they were also invited to sign up for a webinar. Using the URL functionality of Brainshark, we were able to integrate the sign-up page directly within the Brainshark presentation itself. That way, viewers could simply fill out their info and sign up for a webinar without ever having to leave the Brainshark module. Essentially, the Brainshark presentation served as a teaser for the webinars we held.

Because we created a clear and concise email campaign that drove users to “Click to watch a video” (the Brainshark) and utilized a screenshot of the Brainshark presentation—we even incorporated a “play” triangle graphically over the screenshot—we were able to achieve a 28 percent click-through rate for the Brainshark presentation alone. That’s around 8 percent higher than what we know to be the industry standard for click-throughs in an email campaign.

So, what about the “increase in numbers”?

When we compared the numbers we saw direct increases in business from those who clicked-through to the Brainshark and an even greater increase in business from those agents and brokers who took part in the “secret word” aspect—or, those who watched the entire Brainshark presentation from start to finish. In the email, a recipient could also just click straight through to sign up for the webinar and avoid the Brainshark altogether. The vast majority of recipients who did click-through, did so to the Brainshark presentation.

Creating Brainshark presentations is giving us the capability to create dynamic, revenue-generating marketing campaigns as well as clear and simplistic educational modules that we use internally and externally in order to break down many complexities of the industry we’re in.