How Brainshark Enables Channel Partners at EMC

How Brainshark Enables Channel Partners at EMC
October 10, 2011

In my company, we are all about enabling our Channel. Making it easier for our partners to do business. Making sure they have a continual quality experience with us. Ensuring our partners' sales forces are fully prepared for selling to their customers.

Brainshark has helped my company enter the Cloud. Well not so much the cloud, but the world of virtualization. Our video was sent to our partners to learn how to use our “Demo Cloud” – a virtual data centre with several solutions (demos) set up. With a simple URL link, and a short 12 minute presentation, our partners could complete the Demo Cloud training.

We had previously done 1-hour webcasts showing how to use our demo cloud. But as with everything, you will always have people with prior engagements. You can never suit everyone. So our 12 minute Brainshark presentation eliminated the need for these live webcasts. People could take the training at their own discretion. It’s a great mobile solution. This saves on time and money. And for those people for whom English isn’t their first language, we had the possibility to create our Brainshark in many different languages. Or if they chose to take the English video, they could do so at their own pace.

We have now created Demo Cloud accounts for almost 400 partners in just a few weeks! Our Brainshark video was sent to partners globally, so we have added people from all geographic locations.

It’s great for so many reasons – time, money, convenience, ease-of-use and tracking. We all want to know the success of our work, and we can easily track all those who have taken our video training. And there is nothing more boring than watching a long training video, but this is straight to the point, 12 minutes well spent. We can choose to animate it as we like, no messing with pointers and stopping for background noises.

A winning solution!