Integrating Brainshark with LMS^* CRM^* Marketing Automation^* and Video Hosting

October 28, 2011 | Kate Skelly
Integrating Brainshark with LMS^* CRM^* Marketing Automation^* and Video Hosting

Brainshark is fortunate to have so many customers who love our product and get tremendous value from it. But I’m always amazed at how few of our customers know of what MORE they can do with it – in other departments, other use cases within the same department, or with other technology products they’re already using. So I thought it would be helpful to talk about some of those other platforms that our customers can (and do!) use with Brainshark. 

LMS Integration

For customers who want to use Brainshark for training and who have an LMS, Brainshark can and should be used to create eLearning courses to feed that LMS. Brainshark is a SCORM-compliant authoring solution. For the uninitiated, you can learn more from a colleague’s recent post, but all that means is that you can use Brainshark to produce courses that can be deployed through your LMS, with support for completion criteria and test scores being passed automatically from Brainshark to the LMS. Click here for a guide on how to do this. 

CRM Integration

For customers who want to use Brainshark in for sales training or communicating with prospects (or both), Brainshark integrates with Our Connector for Salesforce, available on Salesforce’s AppExchange, helps improve sales training and reps’ prospecting activities. We also offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers a turnkey Connector which can address their unique requirements.

Marketing Automation Integration

For Marketers looking to leverage Brainshark content in their marketing campaigns, you can get a sense of what’s possible with this presentation we produced recently. And we’ve created guides on how to incorporate Brainshark presentations into these campaigns and then connect the Brainshark viewing data back to EloquaMarketo and ExactTarget utilizing the Connector for Salesforce.  We also have just released an Eloqua cloud component that will enable E10 customers to embed a Brainshark on an Eloqua landing page.

Video Hosting

For customers who use an online video hosting platform, Brainshark content can be integrated with those platforms as well. While these platforms optimize the distribution of video content, the platform is only as good as the content, so the pressure is constantly on to rapidly produce quality content. Brainshark makes it simple for you to regularly contribute content without having to spend big money to have it created for you.  In addition to being able to publish to YouTube with a single click, we also provide the ability to publish to Brightcove, a market leader in the space. We’ve also created a Brainshark that explains how to publish your videos to the Kaltura platform.  And for those in the financial services industry, we’ve built an integration with Thomson Reuters’ Insider platform that enables Reuters Insider customers to publish compelling Brainshark video content for access by Insider subscribers.

I hope this helps you as you think about how versatile Brainshark can be! 

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