Introducing Office Hours: Addressing Questions Before they Arise

Introducing Office Hours: Addressing Questions Before they Arise
October 13, 2011

We’re on the phones. We’re in the chats. We’re behind the e-mails. And now we’re taking Support to the office…Office Hours that is.

Have you ever wondered who's really behind the Customer Success team? Do you desire to dig deeper into Brainshark beyond your how-to's and cases?

Because the Success team, like Brainshark itself, has many layers beyond what meets the eye (or ear, rather), we’re launching an initiative to introduce ourselves further. Through Office Hours, we will address the questions before they arise, and examine how to take your Brainshark usage above and beyond what you previously thought possible. The initiative will be a forum for you to get even more acquainted with your favorite Support team members, learn from our Brainshark super users, and find another way to share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns, and perhaps, realize some untapped Brainshark potential.  

Office Hours launch on Tuesday, October 18, with a session that will cover how Brainshark can be distributed to Social Media outlets along with innovative ways to track your content. Each Office Hours session will be hosted as a webinar, and will provide a short presentation on the topic du jour, followed by a quick how-to, along with use cases and common questions.

Following our launch, stay tuned for an Office Hours session on Optimization of Reporting on Tuesday, November 22nd, and a session on Personalization/Wrapping onTuesday,  December 20th

So what can you expect to gain from tuning in to our Office Hours? Better applications of Brainshark. Content that resonates, presentations that pack punch, creative, innovative, and successful applications of all the Brainshark tools at hand, and a more powerful understanding of what it really means to be creating, sharing, and tracking content with Brainshark. Not to mention, you’ll establish a deeper bond with the Support members that work tirelessly to help you. Oh, yeah, and with each session you attend, you’ll get the chance to win a $25 gift card at the end of each session.

Any and all feedback on this brand new initiative is greatly appreciated. We’ve loved taking your calls and cases, and now we’re proud and excited to introduce the latest venue of Office Hours.

Can’t wait to step in the office? Go ahead and self-register here