Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Partner Programs for 2012 [Webinar Replay]

Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Partner Programs for 2012 [Webinar Replay]
October 10, 2011

Last week, Kirsten Michelon from Xerox and I joined Baptie & Company to deliver a webinar on Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Partner Programs for 2012 to its channel community. We opened up with some stats from Forrester Research on the challenges of onboarding and training sales people due to turnover rates, ramp up times, and lack of retention – specifically considering the number of products they carry. I then discussed 5 ways to improve partner mindshare, training, and sales support. Kirsten’s finale provided a look at examples of how Xerox is preparing for 2012 to help their partners sell more.

A quick recap of the five ways:

  1. Learning in short bytes - Increase overall reach of your content and retention by your partners with training and information in short bytes that are clear, concise and to the point.  Video, like Brainshark, allows you to do that and significantly increases retention over text-based materials.

  2. Self-service content delivery model – make sure your training and sales support content is easy to access and use by partners, and is consistently accessible from all devices whether PC, tablet or smartphone. 

  3. Training “on the go” with mobile content – partners will use it because it is easy to get to and available at a time when they need it most, like on the road right before a customer meeting.

  4. Ensure your content is timely and updated throughout the year – choose a portal platform that allows you to easily update and add content throughout the year.  Start with your kick-off and extend to playbooks partners can use for each phase of their sales cycle.

  5. Analyze the Data - track the effectiveness of your content and communications. Use consistent metrics to determine who is listening, what are they listening to, what they learning and what are they sharing with customers.

Kirsten showed the IMPACT Marketplace, a suite of training, sales and marketing tools all in one place on the Xerox Partner Portal. The Marketplace provides partners and partner managers with a one-stop destination to learn, generate demand and close business that:

  • Makes it easy to find and use content online, all in one place

  • Encourages use and retention by including mobile video presentations for training and sales

  • Integrates the tools in such a way that they leverage each other, including on-demand access to content they can co-brand and use with their customers

  • Provides metrics to help Xerox Channel Marketing, Channel Partner Managers, and partners follow up in an informed and timely manner to drive sales.

How is your organization preparing for 2012?  Please comment and share your experiences.

Here is a replay of the webinar.   I recommend using the Table of Contents to hit the parts which are most important to you:

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