A Blended Learning Approach to Save Time and Money

September 15, 2011 | Alice McMahon
A Blended Learning Approach to Save Time and Money

How do you train fifty thousand people annually and live to tell about it?

As an Implementation Specialist at Brainshark, I recently worked with a large, national association responsible for training its members. Twice a year, this association would conduct instructor-led training sessions nationwide (in every state) that would last two full days. Each state held multiple sessions, resulting in hundreds of sessions delivered bi-annually.

This delivery method presented several obstacles—the association lost the time spent to organize and facilitate these sessions, as well as the cost of instructors and the training facility. Prospective members forwent other commitments to attend the 2-day training course, which was a deterrent to joining the association. In addition to lost time and money, the goal of providing consistent corporate training across hundreds of sessions was hard to attain.

With an outdated training process, the association came to us with a goal: to cut the instructor-led training in half without reducing the subject matter and save money while doing it. The association would achieve this by supplementing a 1-day instructor-led session with on-demand learning via Brainshark.

We worked with the client to create learning modules for each topic that would have been covered in the instructor-led training. These modules were kept to 10 minutes or less to maximize retention. All member activity was tracked so that data on each member could be sent in a weekly report to each state chapter so that member completion status could be verified; which was a requirement for the project.

Why didn’t the association turn the entire 2-day session into on-demand presentations? Some elements of the member training like role playing or member discussions require a live, interactive format. By using a blended learning approach, the association can effectively and efficiently train their members. The majority of concepts are delivered on-demand, resulting in consistent training nationwide. Because these concepts are on-demand, they remain a resource for members to review at any time.

Brainshark’s blended learning approach cut the instructor led training in half and will continue to save the association time and money. Additionally, Brainshark’s on-demand platform lowered the barrier to membership entry and provides members with easy access to review material. With this type of success, we expect to see a surge in membership and a higher pass rate for the member certification.

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