Customer Idea - Periodic Content Review

September 09, 2011 | Scott Craig
Customer Idea - Periodic Content Review

One of the challenges for educators is to keep content relevant, for as soon as we create it, the content starts to become stale.  This is especially true in any industry that is heavily regulated, such as mine: finance.  If you have rules or policies, internal or external, driving you to maintain the relevance of your content, keeping it relevant isn’t only a matter of a best practice, but may be one of compliance as well. 

Luckily, Brainshark’s ‘Security’ tab provides a quick solution.

Initially, you might think that everything on the ‘Security’ tab is about limiting or controlling access to keep your content safe.  Of course, it has this function, but it can also serve to provide a reminder to refresh or review your content.  Use the ‘expiration date’ check-box, and email yourself a reminder at the appropriate time.  For my industry, most financial data needs to be reviewed quarterly.  Once I receive the reminder that my Brainshark presentation is about to expire, I review the content, take appropriate action, and then bump out my ‘expiration’ date another 3 months!  So for me, ‘expiration’ doesn’t mean that the end of my presentation, but a means to giving it life and relevancy over and over again.

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