Displaying Compliance Statements with the New Brainshark Release

Displaying Compliance Statements with the New Brainshark Release
September 27, 2011

At the New York City Customer Success Tour this past June, the topic of hosting compliance statements or disclaimers within a Brainshark presentation was raised. The challenge customers in regulated industries face (i.e. financial services), is how to best display a compliance statement without interrupting the flow of the presentation. We have seen Brainshark presentations with the text on the first slide in small print, and a separate first, second, or last slide. Each company’s Compliance Department handles the statement in a different way. Look at this example from the Customer Gallery


There were many ideas as to how best display the statement. As of the September 24th product release, Brainshark has an enhancement to slide notes which we hope will become the standard for your presentations.

First: On each page, use the slide notes in PowerPoint or add slide notes from the "Slide Properties" tab associated with each of your slides.

Second: Add the URL Parameter "?sn=1" for a presentation with a URL alias or "&sn=1" for a presentation without a URL alias to the end of the URL. For more information on URL Parameters and a list of additional parameters that can be tacked onto the end of the Brainshark URL click here.

Did you notice the "&sld=17" at the end of the URL to the customer gallery above? - Try it out with one of your presentations!

This will result in the compliance statement appearing at the bottom of each slide. The real estate was increased to 7 lines which should support most statements. Please note: the person viewing the presentation can close the slide notes box, but they are making a conscious effort to close something they have seen. We believe the approach of including the statement on each page will be more impactful than 8pt font or showing a slide once for 5 seconds.

If your Compliance Department implements this as a protocol, let us know. We can continue to enhance this capability if more customers use enhanced slide notes for compliance.