Does Personalization or Presentation Quality Matter?

Does Personalization or Presentation Quality Matter?
September 14, 2011

Customers often ask about benchmarking their utilization. This summer we took a preliminary look at the use of Brainshark across all customers.  Over the next month or so, we will be releasing more of this preliminary benchmarking data for you to use. We are planning on releasing the 2011 report next January.  For example:

1-      Average presentation length is 12 minutes with 16 slides

2-      If someone watches the first 30 seconds of a presentation, they will watch 76% of the presentation

3-      73% of presentations contain animations



The first round of data analysis focused on quantity as opposed to quality. Over the next few months, we are looking for Brainshark users to participate in the second round of benchmarking research. The key question is what can be done with your Brainshark content to increase the how long your audience views a presentation? To get the answer, we want to partner with you on two A/B testing projects.

Quality of the presentation. If you are working on a presentation and want us to make it over, let’s talk. We are looking to test presentations with about 10 slides that will generate at least 1,000 views via a single distribution method  (email, web site, learning management system, etc). The slides we make over are yours to keep and we can do the analysis.

Impact of personalization. Will someone view more of a presentation if it is personalized? If you are already sending out personalized and un-personalized versions of a presentation or would like to experiment with distributing personalized presentations, let’s talk.

The results will be shared in the January 2012 benchmarking report and you have the option of remaining anonymous. More details to come in the October Customer Community newsletter, and we can start working with you now!