Get your iPad 2's Until the End of the Year!

Get your iPad 2's Until the End of the Year!
September 2, 2011

Yesterday, when I blogged the announcement of our August iPad 2 winner, I mentioned that although the Summer Series Contest has come to a close, there would be more opportunities to be a winner. I am pleased to announce that the opportunity has arrived right away.

We are EXTENDING the iPad 2 contest through the end of the year. It’s no longer part of the Summer Series, but the rules are pretty much the same.

Here is what you need to do to become eligible for an iPad 2:

  • Write a short blog post describing your Brainshark or myBrainshark success story. We want to know how Brainshark helps you solve a problem, increases your ROI, makes your job easier or your communications more effective.
  • Posts should be approximately 400 – 600 words.
  • You can include links to relevant data and examples, if applicable. Or, you can create a Brainshark presentation OF THIS SAME CONTENT in lieu of writing the blog post.
  • Feel free to add a short description of your company, but please don’t make it too promotional.
  • Send your post to me at

(Please include the subject line: Ideas Blog Post)

The fine print:

  • You can only win one iPad. (Sorry! We need to spread the love.)

  • Each person who sends us a usable, relevant blog post will be entered only once into each month’s drawing. (So, if you send us one post in September that we accept, you will get one entry into September’s drawing. If you send us five different posts in September that we accept, you will still have one entry in September’s drawing.)

  • Entries don’t carry over from month to month. You will only be entered in the drawing for the same month in which we received your blog post submission. However, you are able to send us unique publishable blog posts each month for the rest of the year and be entered into each month’s drawing.   

It’s just this easy:

Send us your great use for Brainshark or myBrainshark, described in a few paragraphs (or in a Brainshark or myBrainshark presentation), and you’ll be a step closer to a new iPad 2!

Got it? In case you don’t, shoot me an email if you have a question

Gerry –

We’re super pumped about extending this contest because of how awesome the submissions have been so far! Keep them coming and we’ll keep sending out the gear. Enjoy the long weekend!!