Hampton Beach Gets Hit By 12 Sharks

Hampton Beach Gets Hit By 12 Sharks
September 22, 2011

In case you haven’t been stalking our Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter channels to absorb the awesomeness of team Brainshark’s Reach the Beach adventure, we’re pleased to announce that in 26 hours and 51 minutes, 12 sharks infested Hampton Beach. We were 204th out of 434 teams.

We were also able to raise over $7,400 for the Alzheimer’s Association and can’t thank them, as well as the Reach the Beach organizers, enough for giving us this amazing experience. Thanks to all who donated and sent their support throughout the training and the run.

If you are getting this from a feed and can’t see the images – click right on through to the actual blog – it’s worth it.

The Roster


Tom Amiro (Senior Automation Engineer)

How did Tom do? Just check his track record. Pun intended. This was his warm up run.





Gavin Blackmore (Mid-Market Account Manager)

Gavin could have run the entire race in that winter coat, but decided not to so no one else would feel bad. He’s typically too cool for school, but showed up for class so other runners could take notes.






Sabrina Cote (Customer Success Representative)

Sabrina ran the race backwards and pretty much crushed everyone else’s times. She’ll be running a half-marathon this weekend and a full marathon the following weekend. Seriously.







Paula Crerar (Director of Content Marketing)

Paula ran the leg without a shoulder so she basically told cars to deal with it. She also saved a blow-up shark, repped Barca, and won harder than Charlie Sheen.







David Klein (Product Director)

David was the last runner in the line-up so he was the shark that set fin on the beach first. It was beautiful, emotional, and spiritually rejuvenating. He is the man.






Jeffrey LaPlante (Director of Sales)

Is that a man? Is that a myth? Is that a legend? All of the above. That’s Jeff LaPlante (now 6-time Reach the Beacher) who sprinted up a 9-mile mountain at a sub-7 pace. He’s what Clark Kent looks like when he gets back from the gym.







Christian Paquette (National Account Manager)

Christian was so fast, he actually decided to get a few extra minutes of sleep right before his second run. He woke up from his nap a few minutes behind but realized there was no harm or foul since he runs in his sleep.




Gerry Praysman (Buzz Marketer)

Gerry barely survived and still needs help getting up and down stairs. He thought that jumping in the ice cold ocean might ease his pain – it didn’t.





Chris Schupp (National Account Manager)

The Schuppster rocked his leg like a beast as the team’s lead runner. He gave a high-five to every single person he ran by and signed autographs at the end. Wheaties is planning a box cover for him.









Andrea Solomita (Account Development Representative)

So…Andrea ran the entire race with a fractured hip. Yea. She doesn’t know how it happened, and she doesn’t care. She is the Honey Badger of the team. She didn’t do it because she had to, she did it because that’s how Brainsharks roll. The ESPY goes to her.







Joe Stoopack (National Account Manager)

Captain Joe led the way like no other. He crushed his legs, didn’t sleep, bought lobster rolls, and made 12 sales while on the trip. Wasn’t even a big deal. He was also the chief fundraising cheerleader.





Linda Woods (Director Small Business Marketing)

There are way too many reasons why Linda Woods is awesome to list here. But let’s just say that other than destroying her leg after training for like a day, she also came in as the top individual fundraiser for Alzheimer’s with $1,000! What now?



Again, the experience was truly unforgettable and we can’t wait to do this again. We’re still walking around the office and bothering everyone about how great it was! If anyone in the Brainshark community has any ideas about other crazy team runs or events the sharks can attack, just let us know!

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