How ReSound Leverages Brainshark Across the Enterprise

How ReSound Leverages Brainshark Across the Enterprise
September 15, 2011

We first started using Brainshark at ReSound when it was crunch time during a new product launch. Time was short, and we had a need to train our entire national sales staff on our new product, but didn’t want to fly them all into headquarters for a training session. We also didn’t have the time to roll out a brand new, complex distance learning system to the field. We knew our Sales people (students) and even our subject matter experts (located across the globe) didn’t want the hassle of learning new software to view or produce these courses. I had brought the Brainshark platform to the last 4 companies I’ve worked with – I knew it would be an “easy” sell because it is quick and easy to get up and running – requires no software, no training for either the course developers or the students.

I knew that after we’d had success in the training arena, I could use it for Marketing activities. Once again, Brainshark was the perfect solution. It seemed like almost instantly we had a new and excellent way to get our sales team up to speed on the technical elements of the new products. PLUS, we were also able to train Sales in key messaging, positioning and how to demonstrate the product. The built-in quizzing helped us validate that our sales representatives had the technical skill and messaging know-how before they got in front of customers.

The internal training program worked so well that our parent company decided to roll it out to the rest of the organization. This expansion of our subscription gave us the ability to offer Brainshark courses to customers all over the globe. We continue to use Brainshark with every product launch and when onboarding new customers – it’s an easy way for them to learn more about our products and our company. Today, the successful use of Brainshark has evolved so that we use it as an awareness and a lead generation tool in our marketing campaigns. We are always looking for ways to hook customers into taking the next step and learn more about our products – and online presentations and corporate training courses are the perfect bait! Our marketing campaigns include a URL and a QR code that drops the prospect into a Brainshark presentation on the product that is featured in the ad/mailer etc. We use the guestbook feature to gather the prospect’s contact information, ask a few questions at the end to better qualify the lead before we pass it on to Sales. We even have the sales team automatically notified when their customers view the presentation.

As an agile, easy, robust and constantly-evolving solution, the people at Brainshark continue to keep up with the market needs. Whether it is more robust learning management system needs, or support for mobile devices and offline learning options – at ReSound, Brainshark is indispensable.