How To: Edit Profile/Permissions/Properties

How To: Edit Profile/Permissions/Properties
September 13, 2011

In response to a recent analysis of support data, which indicated a trend in customer inquiries surrounding Brainshark’s Manage Users feature (located in Company Administrator Tools), the support team is presenting a six part how-to series detailing the components of the Manage Users feature.  This week’s feature focuses on how-to edit user profiles, permissions, and properties. Tune in periodically for the “Manage Users How-To Tip of the Month” to learn more about the many ways this convenient feature can work most efficiently for your company!

In case you missed it…How-To Manage Users (Part 1)

Part 2 - Profiles, Permissions, and Properties 

1)      My Applications>Administration>Manage Users

2)      Click the last name of a user, and select Edit Profile

From this screen, administrators can edit user profile information for any of the following items:



            -First Name

            -Last Name

            -Primary Email

            -Secondary Email



            -Company Name



            -User Bio

            -Any Custom Fields

Additionally from this screen, administrators have the freedom to adjust User Properties, User Privleges, and Communication Preferences for each userItems under these sections can be turned on or off, per user profile, by placing a check in the box beside desired privileges. 

3)      Submit

4)      Set Permissions

Next, administrators can edit permissions for a user by placing a check in the box that corresponds to each folder to which this user should have access. Three levels of permissions exist on a per folder basis:

Viewer: Placing a checkmark in the Viewer column, enables this user to view all presentations in that Folder

Author: Placing a checkmark in the Author column, enables this user to create and view presentations in that Folder

Administrator: Placing a checkmark in the Administrator column, enables this user to add and edit sub-folders, as well as run reports on all presentations in this folder.  This establishes the new user as a folder administrator, not a full company administrator.  If your site has content approval enabled, placing a checkmark in the administrator column will give this user approval rights for any content in that folder where approval has been requested.  A folder administrator without viewer and author permissions means this administrator cannot view or author presentations in this folder, but they can run reports on presentations in this folder,  and they can create subfolders.

5)   Set Groups

Using this setting, administrators have the ability to add users to a specific group if desired. Placing a checkmark in any Group makes that user a member of that specific Group. When users are added to a group, they inherit the permissions assigned to that group, and any permission changes granted at the Group level will be given to all members of that Group.

6)      Submit

For more information regarding Manage Users, check out this short Brainshark presentation as well as these helpful documents from our Help & Training website!

Manage Users Brainshark Presentation

Manage Users PDF Document

Roles and Permissions Breakdown 


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