Securities America Grows with the Help of Brainshark

Securities America Grows with the Help of Brainshark
September 28, 2011

Brainshark has been an invaluable tool in supporting my company’s growth efforts. Securities America is an independent Broker/Dealer, and the “product” we sell is ourselves. Our target audience is financial advisors; our goal is recruiting them to utilize us as their Broker/Dealer. Due to the competitive nature of our industry, personal connections with our target audience helps make the sale.

With Brainshark, I’ve been able to create customizable follow-up messaging that my sales team can use with prospects. When they are talking on the phone, ultimately there will be one or two particular items of importance for the prospective financial advisor – “hot buttons” if you will. The library of topic-specific messages can be used by our salesperson to send each prospect a “thanks for your time” email with one or more links to online presentations targeting the content that is of interest to each individual prospect. It then allows the sales person to track the open/view stats, which in turn gives them a barometer of interest.

I’ve also created a large library of product demonstrations that prospects can view via a link on our website. Brainshark enables me to track user views of these demonstrations so that I can determine which products are of interest and which are not, enabling me to save time and money by concentrating marketing efforts in the right areas.

I would also like to praise Brainshark’s Help/Support team. On multiple occasions I’ve been able to conveniently utilize the “online chat” function, which has been invaluable. Easy, quick and effective, this type of tech support has allowed me to better understand the parameters of what I’m able to accomplish; when I’ve hit a snag, they’ve provided workaround ideas and links to educational documents. I am so pleased with the support they provide. Thanks Brainshark!