Brainshark User Groups Swim to London

Brainshark User Groups Swim to London
April 19, 2012

There are many Brainshark users in the UK and Europe and 3-4 times per year we visit to either meet one-on-one with customers, conduct  a City Tour event, or hold a User Group meeting. This is going to be an amazing year for London - the city is buzzing with preparations for the Queens 60th year Diamond Jubilee in June and there are only 100 days to the Summer Olympics in July.

On April 17, we held the 7th of 14 Customer User Groups this spring. It took place at a private room in a pub at St. Pancras Station. St. Pancras is stunning and is where the Eurostar train leaves from London. 

Every meeting takes on its own persona, and this discussion revolved around presentations. Customers volunteered to show their presentations for the purpose of getting some feedback and learn about best practices. One special request was to schedule some of the webinars so those in Europe could participate live.

One customer came in for the meeting from Amsterdam and our special guests were from Bright Carbon and the British Council. Bright Carbon, a UK based agency and Brainshark partner, gave a talk about making presentations more visual.  The British Council is the UK’s international cultural relations organization and are holding a global competition for schoolchildren, Languages for the Games. The goal is to show creativity in a second language while carrying out a task about Paralympic sports and values. Brainshark provided the Council with a non-profit grant for the students to create their presentation using PowerPoint and submit them using Brainshark. Paul Sweeney of the Council talked about the competition at the User Group meeting.

Deadline is May 18 and additional details are available here.

Having been to the UK many times for Brainshark, I am starting to recognize some of the cultural differences between Brainshark presentations created in the US vs. the UK / Europe.


1. In the UK, our customers tend to rely  more on agencies to create their externally focused presentations, whereas in the US, presentations are created  by the person writing the script. Working with an agency tends to make for a longer lead time but the presentations can be better integrated into a larger marketing campaign.

2. Implementation of Customer Relationship Management systems is about 1-2 years behind the US and we are speaking with more and more companies rolling out and Microsoft Dynamics (which has a greater presence in Europe than the US), both of which are integrated into Brainshark.

3. Pubs in the UK are doing something with PowerPoints and no wonder presentations are outsourced to agencies. This photo was taken in Victoria Station.

We expect to be back in the Fall and look forward to meeting even more UK and European-based customers. Click here to learn about upcoming User Group Meetings in Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Columbus and Cincinnati.