Conditional Redirects - They're Automagical!

Conditional Redirects - They're Automagical!
April 23, 2012

Automagical? It’s a technical term used to describe when something just happens brilliantly without any intervention at all and is seemingly, well…magical. That’s how I feel about our new Conditional Redirects feature, available now in Brainshark Presentations.

Imagine creating a presentation that automatically redirects to a different presentation based on your viewer's device and language preference. That’s a conditional redirect in a nutshell. It’s a new advanced authoring feature, accessible from a presentation under the ‘Things you can do’ menu.

Let’s say you create a product update for your organization but you want a second version of it that represents better on the limited real estate of a smartphone - so as to meet the needs of your road warriors. Rather than distribute multiple links to your viewing audience and ask them to choose which is best for them, you can simply set the rule on Presentation A (parent) that if the viewer is on a smartphone, redirect them to Presentation B (child). The process is seamless to the viewer, and by clicking on the same link as the rest of the viewing audience they can see something that caters to their viewing needs. The same can be done for language. If you have a French version of your presentation and you want your French speaking audience to view it, simple set up a redirect on the primary presentation and if the viewer’s browser language preference is set to French, that’s the presentation they’ll see.

See what I mean? Simply automagical. For more information on how to access and create conditional redirects, click here

If you have feedback we’d love to hear from you. Til then, I encourage you to channel your inner Houdini and try this terrific new feature.