Office Hours Recap: Creating a Post-Seminar Resource Library

April 10, 2012 | Matt Fuller
Office Hours Recap: Creating a Post-Seminar Resource Library

So what is a Post-Seminar Resource Library? Think about all of the times you’ve attended a great event and come away with valuable information that you’ve wanted to act on. I bet you wish you had something to take back from the event to help you get started other than a giant stack of whitepapers with links to loads of different websites! This recap shows you how to provide a better experience for the attendees of your seminar or event by using Brainshark to give them the necessary resources for putting your knowledge into action.

The main points we’ll cover in this session:

  • Building a Resource Library

  • Organizing Content

  • Setting Up Access to Your Resource Library

  • Reporting on Content Views

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Also, be sure to strike while the iron’s hot for our next Office Hours session with our lively Support crew on leveraging access to your content using the Brainshark Mobile App and Public Portal & Distribution, scheduled for Tuesday, April 24th at 11am ET. Space is limited so get in there while you still can!

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