Is 'PowerPoint to YouTube' on Your Content List?

Is 'PowerPoint to YouTube' on Your Content List?
April 4, 2012

In content marketing, there are certain “crutches” we all tend to lean on when coming up with new posts and ideas. Perhaps the most prominent example – Who am I kidding? Definitely the most prominent example – is the use of lists in marketing and blog materials.

You see them everywhere: “Top 10 Tips for X” or “5 Cool Ways to Do Y”. List content is relatively easy to put together, is shared often across social media channels, and contains titles that are universally compelling. It’s no secret – people like them. And for that reason, they won’t be going away anytime soon. In fact, as more companies start their own blog sites, you can expect to see more and more list pieces hitting the web from now until forever.

Which leads me to the point of this post: if you’re looking for ways to generate more video content ideas for your marketing efforts, why not use a list?

I’ve written before that converting PowerPoint to video (and furthermore, YouTube) is a great tool for extending your reach through content marketing. And one thing PowerPoint is exceptional at is presenting tips and ideas in the form of lists.

Now, the idea here isn’t to create more work for yourself; it’s all about repurposing your best content to increase visibility. Recently, I offered some tips from sales guru Brian Carroll on how to leverage one content idea into multiple assets for lead nurturing and engagement. Repurposing static blog posts into interesting video content follows this same line of thinking. Here is a great example of what could have otherwise been a text-based blog post on finding a job, in video form. 

In content marketing, it’s important to always be on the lookout for ideas that you can get the most value out of. Since lists are popular post ideas that work well as PowerPoint presentations, and PowerPoints are easily transformed into videos, and video has become a more important part of content marketing…well, it’s not hard to do the math.

Here are some quick tips for using video to get more bang for your list-making buck:

  • Browse your blog for popular “list” posts on topics that are important to your core messaging

  • Use PowerPoint to create slides that introduce the topic and break down each tip/concept from the list in order

  • Use visual images on your slides to drive each point home

  • Write a short script narrating each slide (you can probably lift and reword most of this from your original blog post)

  • Record the narration with your slides and covert into a video file (ideally, this file should be no more than a few minutes in duration)

  • Upload your video presentation to YouTube, give it an SEO-friendly title and include a link/call to action at the top of your description to drive people back to your website

  • Promote your video via social media, newsletters, or any other delivery methods you typically use

Presto – you have a cool content asset that opens up your message (and your company) to a whole new marketing channel.

As I’ve said many times, different people consume content in different ways, so it’s important for marketers to always think about how they can repurpose their most valuable assets. And while video capabilities can vary, transitioning your content from PowerPoint to YouTube is one incredibly easy way to extend your reach.