It’s a Bird^* It’s a Plane^* It’s…a New Question Type!

April 26, 2012 | Kristin Simonini
It’s a Bird^* It’s a Plane^* It’s…a New Question Type!

Code Name:  MCMCAE? (multiple choice, multiple correct answer examination question).  

It’s a new and exciting addition to the Brainshark family. For those who regularly add examination questions to their Brainsharks, we have heard your request to include a multiple choice question that has multiple correct answers that a viewer must select. 

For example:

Which of the following are prime numbers?

a)      3

b)      7

c)       9

d)      13

e)      14

In the above example, the correct choices are A,B and D.   To date, we did not offer a Brainshark question type that provided a way to ask a question like this effectively. The work-around was reminiscent of our SAT days (the horror!):

Which of the following combinations represent all prime numbers?

a)      3,7,9

b)      7,9,13

c)       3,7,13

d)      9,13,14

This resulted in a question that wasn’t exactly what the author wanted to ask, and could lead the viewer to the possible correct combination more easily.

Our latest question type allows the author to create a multiple choice examination question that has multiple correct responses.  The viewer or student must select all of the correct responses in order for their overall response to be marked as correct and obtain any points for the question.

We’re pleased to be able to check the box on this one (pun intended) and provide another value add for our customers. For more information on this new question type and others, be sure to read up on Adding Questions, Polls and Surveys to your Brainshark content.

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