Video Content Tops the Marketing Wish List for 2012

Video Content Tops the Marketing Wish List for 2012
April 5, 2012

Has interest in video marketing begun to cool off? Not even close.

According to a new report published this week by Social Media Examiner, of 3,800 marketers surveyed, 76% cited YouTube and video marketing as their top areas of investment for 2012. That’s more than Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even traditional blogging. In contrast, only 1% of respondents said they planned to decrease their video marketing efforts.

This marks the second straight year that video marketing has held the top spot, as marketers continue to put more emphasis on video when building out their content and social media strategies. The report also states that while large businesses are still most likely to use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy, that and other video is still among the top five social media marketing tools  to be used overall this year.

Why is video marketing so hot for social media?

One reason why more marketers are turning to video is that the production process has never been simpler (or cheaper). As Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi pointed out last month, “the sheer cost of video production has come to a point where there are no barriers to entry.” Certainly, solutions like Brainshark have made it simpler for companies to create video content for marketing purposes, and cloud-based services in general have made it easier to host and share videos with customers and prospects.

Access to target audiences is another factor. The popularity of YouTube and its domination of Google search rankings is an obvious draw for businesses looking to extend the reach of their brands. Rising smartphone and tablet adoption has also contributed to this, as Joe noted that many buyers now have devices that can play videos with them at all times. 

Finally, there’s the “shareability” factor. I interviewed SEO and online marketing thought leader Jason Acidre last month on the effect video has on link building and social media. As Jason explained, embedding videos on text-rich pages can add more value to your content, increasing the likelihood that your pages are shares socially.

Similarly, he added that viral-focused videos (and who wouldn’t want a video that goes viral?) can not only improve brand awareness, but increase the number of branded links going back to your company website.

Put it all together and what do you get? A lot more video marketing content in 2012 and beyond. For more on the value of video marketing, check out my previous posts “21 Quotes on Why Video Marketing Rocks” and “Top 10 Video Marketing Influencers for 2012.”