Winning Content Marketing Strategies from Altimeter Group [Webinar Replay]

April 18, 2012 | Gerry Praysman
Winning Content Marketing Strategies from Altimeter Group [Webinar Replay]

If you're in the content marketing and/or social media fields these days, it's almost a guarantee that you know of Altimeter Group (and follow their research pretty regularly). I’ll gladly admit that their reports have helped us shape some of our content initiatives and even been the inspiration for many of our social posts. You can imagine how pumped we were when we had Altimeter Founder & Analyst, Charlene Li and Industry Analyst, Rebecca Lieb join us and the Marketing Cloud for a chat on how to create successful content marketing strategies.

As the name of the webinar suggests, Charlene and Rebecca discuss how to rebalance your organization to deliver effective content by shifting from “push” to “pull” marketing to keep your brand alive. Their presentation covers the three different types of content marketing that brands can utilize as well as a model for content marketing maturity, which allows organizations to assess where they are with their content marketing strategy and envision what they can aspire to.

One of my favorite points made during the presentation is that there is in fact a culture behind providing the right content. The webinar features some examples of big name companies that sought to understand it.

To check out this free and incredibly useful webinar replay, just click through the link here.

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